ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN " Me No Like You (live at euclid tavern) LP GHOST HIGHWAY


A classic LIVE recording from ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN at the Euclid Tavern in Cleveland, OH way back in 1999 with the one and only Steve Miller on Vox. An absolutely stellar performance from ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN here including all the hits like `Demolition Joyride’, `Get Off My Back’, `Blackout’, ` Action High’ and `Rocket In My Veins’. 14 tracks in all and ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN fans will know that this one’s getting harder to find as it was released on the long defunct Sonic Swirl Records who went out of business over a decade ago now available as 2021 LP release on Ghost Highway Recordings.

1 It’s All Moving Faster
2 Superstar
3 Blackout
4 Action High
5 Rocket In My Veins
6 Right Now/The Time Is Now
7 Right On Target
8 Neurotic Pleasures
9 Get Off My Back
10 Demolition Joyride
11 You’re So Fake
12 Devil Dust
13 Teenage Shutdown
14 E.F. Theme