TAKE THE CITY RECORDS is an DIY punk rock record label and distro founded in 2018 based in Madrid. By punk rock we mean bands playing styles that are not very fashionable nowadays like 77 punk, early punk hc etc. We work on old record reissues but also with new ones.

Any band that you think can fit into our record label please write an email to takethecityrecords@gmail.com sometimes it takes us a little bit longer to answer all the emails but we try to replay all of them.

We also distribute some records from different record labels.

Any record label interested in trading some copies, please write to the same email address.

We have other full time jobs, so this is just a hobby for us. Please support independent labels like us liking, sharing on social nets and buying the records. As you can see with our prices, we don´t try to rip anyone off.


Shipping costs are visible as you check out any product. We try to adjust the prices as low as we can.

International shipping costs ( from outside SPAIN) are free for orders of 170 euros and over.

National shipping costs ( inside SPAIN) are free for orders of 80 euros and over

We only work with well known shipping companies, all shipments are certified.


We try to take the shortest possible time to make shipments. Sometimes it can take a little more time to deliver, but we will always keep you updated via email.


For the moment we can only offer paypal as the only method of payment , we know not everyone have paypal account, so we´ll try to add new ways in the future. Thank you for understanding.