THE SQUIRT “Men and Their Masters” LP 2024 Remastered + Bonus track TAKE THE CITY


Remastered from the original master tapes of this overlooked gem: a long out of print Euro Hardcore classic made in Switzerland that needs to be heard to be believed. With strong sonic ties to the best american Hardcore (think BLACK FLAG and early SST and TOUCH & GO BANDS) it still sounds as fresh, powerful and aggressive as when it was originally recorded in 1983! 15 tracks of pure unaltered anger and frustration. Includes a bonus track not included on the original vinyl version and a fold out insert with lyrics and an interview with the band.

A Side
01.Barbed wire
02.In the name of god
04.Channel 5
05. Hate me
06.Sunday evenings
07.Stop it baby

B Side
08.Stupid punks
09.Six pack man
10.Ill to kill
11.Human work
12.All around me
13.Bad luck
14.Last chance
15.School days ( bonus)

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