BART AND THE BRATS / THE BATTLEBEATS 2Chickpea Records Presents An International Garage Split: Vol.72 7" CHICKPEA


Seventh instalment in the “International Garage split” series from Brooklyn’s Chickpea Records, this killer 7”er starts off with 4 tracks from the same sessions as the “Assorted Cuts” LP by BART AND THE BRATS that came out in June on No Front Teeth and Big Neck. More of Bart’s signature RAMONES meet Killed By Death Punk Rock, the average tempo being this time slightly faster than usual. Anyone remembers Rip Off Records’ ZODIAC KILLERS or KILL-A-WATTS??

On the other side, Indonesian Garage Punk sensation BATTLEBEATS tosses 5 more tracks of OBLIVIANS meet TEENGENERATE trash, keeping up with the slew of 7”es they released last year on labels such as Big Neck, Post Party Depression and Otitis Media Records. Whiz kid Andresa rounds it off with an Indonesian-speaking number and what we’ve got here is a cool little record filled to the brim with three-chord gunk.