ABERMALS “Reasons to travel” CD ENGINEER


Making music is a virus that once it infects you, you’re bound to carry it for the rest of your days. In the case of ABERMALS, the band’s three members first got infected sometime in the 90s, the arguably greatest decade in music history. That decade’s fresh indie, punk and hardcore sounds and the dozens of bands they have since played in have left their traces on Abermals’ sound, but if there’s one thing they’ve grown out of, it is musical genres. For ABERMALS, everything goes, as long as the energy is right and it comes from the heart.
Nine great new tracks for fans of clever indie or pop-punk such as PIEBALD, SUPERCHUNK, WEEZER, GET UP KIDS, THE DREADED LARAMIE, ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS, R.E.M., J CHURCH, UNFINISHED SYMPATHY, HER ONLY PRESENCE and the like.

ABERMALS is what happens when you put three people in a room that have played in too many bands, listened to too many records and have too much excess energy than is appropriate for their age. Kraut-infused indie punk with nods to Post-Hardcore and whatever else seems to fit.