Those tommys from the BLACK MARIAs as well as the swedish guys from OLDFASHIONED IDEAS shouldn't be total strangers to lovers of the scene anymore. Ass kicking Oi! Punk, once very tuneful (BLACK MARIAS), once rough and brutal (OLDFASHIONED IDEAS), but always hitting the bullseye. The sound of those english guys reminds me of the a-list of british Oi! Punk-Bands... take an ounce of RESISTANCE 77, mix in a handful of SUPERYOB and spice it up with a bit of ON FILE. The energy of the singer captures you, no sign of age-related weariness that you find in lots of other comparable "legends" of the same age. THE BLACK MARIAS are anything but little schoolboys, the eastern english weather and a pint now and then made surely some impact. Great band! Some newer dates can probably be found in the passports of OLDFASHIONED IDEAS who bring us the fantastic aggressive OI!-Smashers "The Real Heroes" and "Never forgive, never forget". 4 SKINS meets THE OPRESSED