THE YOUNG ONES “Stanley Boulevard” LP CONTRA


Just over a decade ago, four tiny skins from the deep south of the Netherlands decided to form an Oi! band inspired by the classics from the eighties. Since none of the members had actually even been born in the era that was responsible for their favorite music, they called themselves THE YOUNG ONES. They released a mini CD called "No bollocks, just Oi!" which sounded as if COCKNEY REJECTS, THE BUSINESS and THE BLITZ were still ruling the British punk scene.

1 - Stanley Boulevard
2 - The Dodgy Few
3 - An Ode To Gianna
4 - Don't Wanna Working Class
5 - Gobsmacked
6 - Hardrock Ronnie
7 - Wetherspoons Warrior
8 - March Of The Gutter Kids
9 - Hilti Job
10 - Last Years Youth