Straight out of Brussels’ bowels comes the new ripping three-piece Punk Rock powerhouse called MOTORMOUTH. Angelo – whom you might’ve heard playing bass in P.Trash and Frantic City recording bands WARM TOY MACHINE and WHITE FANGS or, more recently, PERMANENTZ – teamed up with local brawlers Morgan and Mathieu from IMMIGRANTS. Together, they play a fast and snotty mix of the most vicious degenerated Rock & Roll, the kind we all crave for…
This here is their first effort and it’s a 7-incher crammed with 4 loud Punk scorchers that’ll get you banging your head against the wall like you haven’t done in a long time. Filled with razor-sharp guitar riffing, mindless bass bashing, and hard drums beating, this one will fry your brains instantly !!
It’s a co-release by Madrid’s own Take The City Records and a brand-new, super-mysterious label from La Rochelle dubbed Roaring Blood Records.

A Side
1.More Time 02:04
2.Code broown 01:21

B Side
3.Get It On 01:37
4.Too Tough 01:46

Pressing Information

Limited edition of 300 Black