If you miss some of the best acts that played kickin´ punk and roll on the old CRYPT RECORDS´s days, THE HOLESHOTS are here to fill that void. They are a recently formed band from Bordeaux, France with members from bands like WILD ZEROS or HEARTBEEPS , have played with JOHNNY MOPED, THE MONSTERS, THE CONTROL FREAKS or THE PEAWEES among many others. This spring ( 2023) will see their debut Lp release, a collaboration between the labels, PIGME RECORDS, STRYCKHNINE RECORDZ, ADRENALIN´ FIX RECORDS and TAKE THE CITY RECORDS. Don´t miss them playing these days.

A Side
1.Heart Attack 01:47
2.I Got A Knife 01:45
3.Psychotic Walk 01:45
4.Cheap Deal 01:55
5.All Days All Nights 02:02
6.Deconvenue 02:18

B Side
7.Stop Yer Hype 02:23
8.Mess Me Up 02:06
9.You Tell Me Lies 02:00
10.Fuse 01:31
11.Time 02:36
12.Broken Heart 01:45
13.Ce Soir 02:06

Pressing Information

Limited edition of 500. 100 white, 400 black