VA “Lifetime problems, An International Tribute To The Dicks” 7" TAKE THE CITY/FRANTIC CITY/DIE HIPSTER


Anti-racists, anti-war, communists, queer to the (hard) core… 80s Texas Punks THE DICKS are the perfect anti-heroes to help make these crazy times a little less dark ! 2023 is indeed a good year for an international Dicks tribute to see the light of day – just 40 years after the release of their seminal “Kill from the Heart” album on SST, later reissued on ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES.
Seven bands from around the world covering as many tracks spanning the band’s discography, all crammed on the two sides of a 7” record. The protagonists : BRAT FARRAR (Australia), ILLEGAL LEATHER (UK), LADY BANANA (Sweden), BART AND THE BRATS (France), MITCH KRAMER (USA), THE DELINQUENTS (Italy) and GOODBYE JOHNNYS (Switzerland).
Co-released by TAKE THE CITY (Spain) and FRANTIC CITY (France), and DIE HIPSTER! ( USA) with flamboyant artwork by Jonny Watkins.

1.MITCH KRAMER-Marilyn Buck 00:55
2.BART AND THE BRATS-Fake Bands 01:30
3.GOODBYE JOHNNYS-All Night Fever 01:49
4.LADY BANANA-Hate The police 01:59
5.BRAT FARRAR-Dead In A Motel Room 01:44
6.ILLEGAL LEATHER-Lifetime problems 01:44
7.THE DELINQUENTS-Kill From The Heart 02:50

Pressing Information

Limited edition of 300 Black