Our favorite vermin are back and they have recorded a powerful sound artifact that has everything you could ask for from a garage record in 2020The people of A Coruña delight us with an amazing collection of energetic, disturbing and melodic songs that will make you succumb to their sound from the first note, to enjoy the cuts of this greasy vinyl is to enjoy a wild, exciting and exciting journey through time, these primitive beings have managed to perfect their formula with diabolical mastery and are now faster, darker and more incisive.

Ten darts that hit the target, raw like the reality that we have had to live in this pandemic year but catchy enough to stick to our brains and make us have a good time. There is no doubt that these two outsiders are true devourers of garage punk music, catalyzing all their influences, imprinting their own stamp on their compositions and amply demonstrating that they handle the rough musical arts of the cave with an authentic Cro-Magnon spirit, combining fantastic lyrics, furious riffs of lacerating fuzz and manic rhythms provide us with a revitalizing dose of energy and a whole sample of authenticity, this crazy power duo of long hair is full of claw and creativity, Bento Carroña is in charge of composing, singing and furiously scratching the strings of his guitar, while Rata Ray savagely pummels the drums with two accurate femurs and makes choirs, two musicians and a mission, giving birth to accurate snap shots full of adrenaline and fun.

The songs have been recorded and mixed in the La Cortina Roja studios under the baton of Gabriel Suárez and Fernando Mejuto, the magical art of the album is the work of Bento Carroña.

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