Valencia has given birth to a new band! They're called THE UNDERSUBS and they're willing to satisfy your craving for quality garage punk'n'roll.

These veteran musicians, 3 from Valencia and 1 from Uruguay, have been part of other wild bands such as TAIL, QUARRELSOME, RESABIADOS, LAS BRAGAS DE MARILYN, THE UNTENDEDMEN, UKELELE ZOMBIES, MOTOSIERRA...

In their first album they give us three sonic cucumbers where they masterfully combine punk rock and the most primitive and unbridled garage. On side A we find "Dead" an authentic anthem that exudes urgency and attitude where a powerful vocal performance, awesome choirs, sharp guitars and a devastating rhythm section make us move the skeleton with its electric sound, a flammable declaration of intentions with a lot of class away from modernities that advocates the dirtiest and dirtiest rock'n'roll, on side B you will find two other delicatessen brand of the house, "Cretin Cocaine Conversation" where they step on the accelerator expelling an adrenaline and addictive whiplash of incisive guitar riffs and hooligan choruses that sticks to the brain like used gum on the shoe, to finish off the shot of energy and decibels "Berserker Romance" a short but furious tune that passes over you with the force of a cyclone and invites you to chant with beer in hand.

Lovers of the best punk rock should be in luck. THE UNDERSUBS HAVE arrived eager to play, record albums and have a good time.

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