Bart De Vraantijk, member of Wild Zeros, Teenage Hearts, The Janitors, The Pneumonias, Skeptics and more is back with a new one-man project : "Bart and the Brats".
The first album consists of 12 songs recorded in 3 days with a friend in a house in the French countryside. Sure you’ll hear some Ramones as the band name subtly suggests, but also some Zeros, Kids, Sham 69…
This record could’ve come out on Sire Records were we back in 1977 - one of the two covers is actually an Undertones original. But we’re living in the future and Brooklyn’s own Chikpea Records were clear-sighted enough to release "Dogged" on vinyl and tape. They know a good cherry cheesecake when they taste one !
So take your healthy dose of Brat Beat and you’ll be fit for another round of viruses, lockdowns and Rottens supporting Trumps. Enjoy !!