THE CUDAS - 4​-​Speed EP FUN​-​7034


Hooky singalong power pop with loud guitars and vocal harmonies made for riding skateboards to the mall. From Cape Town, South Africa

"The best record I have ever heard, I'm not exaggerating, that came from South Africa!"
- Bill Kelly on Underground Garage SiriusXM

"As soon as they make new music, I will be playing it for you, because I absolutely love them!"
- Wayne Lundqvist Ford on The Ice Cream Man Power Pop and More show #325

"Power pop de primera categoría!"
- Pacopepe Gil -

"It's very Cheap Trick-y. It's super hooky. It's very cool."
- DJ Gil on The Power Pop Shoppe

"Two and a half minutes of pure enjoyment. It's what a song should be - catchy and fun. Neighbors be damned. This needs to be turned up and enjoyed over and over!

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