NERVOUS SHAKES "Separate beds? I don´t think so...” LP TAKE THE CITY

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Nervous shakes is one of the best bands that has come from Belgium in the last years. Playing cheeky Punk rock, with some Glam, garage and power pop influences, they drink directly from mighty bands from 70s like THE RAMONES, NEW YORK DOLLS, THE GUN CLUB, LES DOGS or THE REAL KIDS just to name a few.
In 2004 they released in CD format their album “Separate beds? I don´t think so…”, and 17 years later it´s being properly released on Vinyl format for the first time. Speak out of tongue lyrics and rock and roll attitude and most of all, 13 killer songs.

1.Get The Fear 02:44
2.Hey Baby 02:27
3.Bad like Me 03:26
4.Number One 03:10
5.Swedish love 02:16
6.You Hypnotize me 02:29
7.Brat 02:31
8.Cruisin 02:10
9.I Need You So bad 03:06
10.Panzer Division 02:53
11.Can´t Stand You 04:25

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Limited edition of 300 copies, 100 on baby pink