CHINAS COMIDAS "Complete Recordings 1977-1981" LP TAKE THE CITY RECORDS

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Chinas Comidas was a punk band that originally was founded in Seattle, forming part of the earlier ́s city scene. Some of it ́s members came from bands like Red dress and tupperwares, they were considered as art punk in their beginings due to their poetic lyrics , which had a strong feminist component, and also their art with the covers, flyers... However and especiaclly on their second ep, their music had more in common with bands like X, avengers, bags... than with bands like Patty Smith, Wire or Devo just to name a few, even when they had strong influences from these bands (lyrics , keyboards).
The band moved to Los Angeles, where they had hope they could make some more repercusion in the first La ́s punk wave, that it had been created after the Sex Pistols played in the city in 1978. Chinas Comidas shared the stage with the best of the california punk scene: Germs, Dead kennedys, Fear, Redd Kross, the Dils, The Bags, Black Flag, the Crowd... amongst others like ultravox or D.O.A . They had great critics from publications from that time like Slash Magazine or an emerging Maximum RNR.
Two eps were released on their own record label, Exquisite Corpse records, and then they finally splitted in 1980, althought their members started new bands and projects, and Cynthia, the Singer, kept on writing a publishing poetry and writings during the next years. Since then some sporadic returns have happened as a semi acoustic duo.
Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth has said about them “Poets make the best punks, we know this right away. Chinas Comidas were the real deal: exciting, intriguing, intoxicating. An intelectual, right on voice amidst the blasting glory of early west coast punk rock testosteronia”.
This Lp compiles their two eps ( Peasant/Slave , snaps) and some more recorded songs that never saw the light of the day plus one song from a demo and a live cover of the witch from the sonics, that could be perfectly been made by Devo.
Songs like Snaps, criminal cop or for the rich ain ́t going to let down the 77 punk lovers, with lyrics that escape from the usual genre topics.

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